HOO will build you a website that provides your customer with an amazing overview of what you have to offer.

We look at many parts of the online experience to give your site the best impact  for your clients and customers.

Let us create or refine your online properties to meet the needs of your customer and get them coming to you.


Ruby Throated HummingbirdThe User Experience Matters


Google has released a major upgrade to their search algorithms and with that they have changed the way that the web is searched. They have dubbed this change the Hummingbird Update.

Where once there were keywords that could be targeted now the rule of thumb is called “Semantic Search”.  Now the customer experience becomes the rule and not the exception.  Google will reward the sites that provide the best user experience.   So, what makes a good user experience?


Outstanding Visuals


Images and videos make an instant connection with your customers.  When you provide eye-catching visual images your customers are instantly connected .  This will create a feeling of trust and camaraderie.   As a result, you will make an impact and draw more customers to you.

We can help you to create excellent images and promotional videos for your site.  We will get your impression made and help to draw your customers in.


Well Organized Sites


Your navigation must be easy to follow and your user should be able to find their way to anyplace on your site with ease.

Your message should be clear and easy to understand, images and videos should provide background information that helps the user to understand what service or product you are providing.

We follow industry standards with navigation and layout.  These are tried and true principles that have been proven time and time again to provide a good customer understanding about how to move around your site and provide a familiar interface to people that use the internet.


Use a Powerful Content Management System


In the past, many companies were frustrated because their websites were created in custom code. These sites had to be maintained at a high cost per hour by the developers themselves.  Companies found themselves spending way beyond their budgets while waiting for the web designer to make time in their schedules for the changes. This resulted in lost time and sales and caused unnecessary friction between the designers and businesses.

A good  content management system that is easy to use  provides businesses with a way to update and revise the site easily and can be done without the hassle of submitting the changes to the developer and waiting for their schedule.

HOO will create your site with a powerful easy to use content management system.  If you want to make your own changes, we can provide you with the training to make this easy for you.  If you want to know that you can make the changes but would rather we do it for you, that is entirely possible as well.  We are very flexible and won’t make you wait for weeks to get your changes implemented.


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