HOO has a Unique Process

HOO Has a Unique Process

We Focus on the User Experience

First, Understand Your Customer


Learn what your customer needs, identify their objectives, provide a way for them to get what they need and you have optimized your customer’s experience.

Everything else is extra stuff that goes into justifying the process.

As a small company, HOO understands the process, we streamline it to save time and resources and make us more efficient and more responsive to your needs.


We Use 3 Essential Concepts to Simplify Your User’s Experience

  1.  Visual Impact

  2.  Connect through Content

  3.  Make Your Navigation Easy


Create visually stimulating images that amplify your content and connect with your viewer.

When you are able to create pictures that are visually appealing to your viewers, their curiosity is piqued.

Scan through any of the social networks, what do you see? Images are foremost in all of these networks, they are what gets clicked and what attracts the most people.  Your images can make or break your message.  Make them appealing or shocking but don’t just slap something up and hope it works.  When you amplify your message with attractive images, people notice.

Closely related to pictures and photographs  is Visual Imagery. Connect with your audience through stories and descriptive language in your message.  Let your reader imagine along with you. Enhance their connection with your page by painting a picture with words.

A sunset can become a flowery sunburst of fire, a simple thistle can spread its seeds upon the wind and travel to new heights of glory. Say it with words and connect to the beauty that surrounds all of us.  Your reader’s imagination will flourish and create an instant connection to both your words and your presentation.

Navigation ScreenMake your navigation easy to use, it should be blatantly obvious that a click will provide results.  Short, simple, familiar menu items will make it easy for them to find what they need. It should be easy make the right choice.

Don’t make your reader think to move around the site, it should be easy and intuitive to move around.

 HOO Leads the Way

We can help you to get noticed and make your customer want to do business with you.

Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

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