Craig… as a 20+ year veteran of marketing (old media)… You opened my eyes to the power of online marketing(new media)… what makes a website work,how to drive traffic the importance of social media and establishing an online presence successfully. Your professionalism and your knowledge was instrumental for me.
THANK YOU so much.
J Holberg

Owner, JM Holberg

Building a presence on the internet can certainly be scary. When you are putting your own business image online however, it can be downright terrifying. Thanks to the knowledge that Craig was so willing to share with me I was able to begin my journey online with confidence.

Knowing that things were going to work the right way the first time was critical as I didn’t want to have a bad public image taking over from all of the hard work that I had put in locally. Thankfully my first site launched without a hitch and folks were able to find what they needed easily. I owe a large portion of that success to Craig with his tedious site reviews and constructive feedback.

I quickly discovered though that simply creating that initial site simply wasn’t enough. Like an oasis in the desert I had a beautiful page, but no one was coming to drink the waters. Through learning various methods to get people finding my site, I was able to begin funneling customers through to my computer repair services.

Thank you for all of your support as I have taken the first steps on this journey. It has been highly appreciated I assure you.

Anthony Ridgeway

Owner, Ridgetech Enterprises

Craig is extremely thoughtful, helpful, and an excellent communicator. He has helped me to become an Online Entrepreneur. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship for years to come.

Craig always finds the time to answer questions and give honest opinions. He is available to help in any way he can.

I consider him an expert in WordPress, WordPress Themes, Graphics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Branding. If he does not know the answer right on the spot, he knows exactly where to go to get it.

Although he is very giving of his time to a community we are both associated with, he always puts his Clients First. I know this because I have experienced it first hand.

Craig is one of my “go to” guys when I get “stuck”. Every now and then, he has asked me to send him an email stating simply he had a prior commitment to a local Client. Every single time he has gotten back to me.

I highly recommend Craig. A Client who is looking for top notch quality and deliverability with a constant and consistent focus on Customers will be well served with Craig’s services.

Dr Susie Dillon (aka drsusie)
Dillon Enterprises – Owner – Online Entrepreneur

Dr. Susan Dillon

Owner, Dillon Enterprises

When I first started creating my site  I was very much intimidated and unsure how to make it work. Craig offered a lot of support from plugins to site visualization.

He has produced so much training that has been instrumental to my success. One night he invited me to his after Webinar group where we discuss lots of online promotional techniques and best practices and proves every week how to become a success.

My online business would not have been where it is today without him and a well deserved thanks for making a success out of me.

There is no doubt in my mind that he can help any online business get the start it needs to grow any business into an online presence and authority to maximize your revenues and growth.

Ryan McKracken