Does Your Business Need a Boost in Traffic?


Local Search Optimization, also known as SEO for Local Search is a series of techniques that will provide a boost in traffic for your local business.

Victor Local VisibiityGetting found in the Local Listings is what Local Search Optimization is all about.

Increase Your Local Visibility

Google Local Search


Optimizing your Google local search takes two main forms, Google Local and Google Business Pages.

Google Local provides a page that will get you found, it places your business on a map and provides a place for your customers to give you feedback.  Setting up the Google Local page will get you listed in the local results as well.  

Many businesses don’t utilize this listing and as a result find a default listing that provides a minimal benefit and may contain incorrect information.  

HOO  can get you listed on the Google Local Page and make your Local Page a place that helps your business.


Bing and Yahoo Local Search


Bing and Yahoo Local Search will also provide a place for you to promote your business.  Yahoo and Bing are now owned by Microsoft and listing in one will provide benefits in both.  

Bing and Yahoo combined control about 30% of the market.  

While this is not the volume that Google controls, it is a significant part of the overall search market and should not be ignored.


Your Customers are Sharing Socially, Are You?


A presence on Google Plus, Facebook and YouTube are a necessity in today’s internet.

These are all social networks where people talk.  Would you like them to be talking about you?

Two places where interaction happens are on Facebook and Google +. There are other networks as well that may be more effective with some businesses.

In general, Facebook can help you to get the word out on local events and happenings.  Google + allows you to focus your efforts more to your customers and demographic. Both provide a good way to showcase your business and connect with your customers.

You Tube Videos can be used to promote your business and can be embedded directly onto your site to help people understand your business.  

Utilizing YouTube will get you additional visiblity both on the web and on your site.  Using videos to increase your impact will create trust and build a strong customer relationship.


Local Optimization Services


  • Google Local Page Creation
  • Google Maps Listing
  • Yahoo Local Listings
  • Additional Local Citations
  • Google Plus Business Page Creation
  • Facebook Fan Page Creation
  • YouTube Videos


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