Get Your Business Found

SAR DogYour Customers are Searching for You


HOO Guides Customers Directly to You!


Getting found online is an art, we get you in front of your customers by creating a strong profile across the local directories and optimizing your site with the terms that people search to find your business.


We use state of the art techniques to get your business found on the Web.


Search Engines look for certain things when they are searching your site.  With the new Google Hummingbird update, they are looking for relevance.  The Search Engines want to provide the most relevant site for the search term that is available.  We will help you to be that most relevant site and give you the edge to be found by your customers.


Customer Interaction


We look at your website the way a customer does.  Your first impression needs to make you noticed.  Once you have been noticed and your customer is  intrigued by the front page of your website, then people will look more closely at what you have to offer.  We will make that first impression a good one.


We optimize your images to get your point across


Images have a high impact with your viewers but the search engines don’t understand pictures.  We use certain steps to make sure that the Search engines understand your images and use them to help you get found.


Keywords are the special sauce that makes your site attractive


Knowing how and with which terms your customer’s are searching for you, makes a big difference in how you are presented to your customers.  We identify the terms that they are using to find you and adjust the message of your site to help them find you the way they are searching.


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