Google has put together an amazing resource for local markets.  If you look at a page of local results for any business category the first thing that you see is a map.

Local Search Result Maps

The map tells people where you are but more importantly, gives a place for you to promote your business on the front page where it can be found.  

To get your company on the map and listed in the search results you must claim your Google Plus  local listing.  By claiming this listing, Google knows that you are a valid company and are doing business locally.

The Google Plus Local Listing provides a place for your company to advertise online.  You are able to promote your company, provide an overview of your services and even promote special offers that you may have.

 Google Plus also provides a place for your customers to leave a review of their experience with you.  Good reviews provide benefits in the marketplace and gives your business a strong trust factor.  

You need to have this listing working for you to get additional exposure and make that phone ring.

We can help you to claim your Google Plus Local listing and get your place on the front page where people will find you.


Local Directory Submissions


There are many other directories all competing to help you be found online.  In many cases you already have a listing that has been pulled from information that is found on the internet.  This may be correct or in error.

 To help your business, the local directories need to be verified and enhanced with your information.  They are all good places for your customer to find you but also can be a good asset to have as long as the information is correct and accurate.

Do you have time to verify all of this information?  We provide a service that will correct and submit all of the information on these local listings.

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